How do I join the study?

Every clean-up worker has an important story to tell. We want to hear every story.

There are two ways to join the GuLF STUDY.

  1. To join, call toll free 1-855-NIH-GULF (1-855-644-4853) or Email Us today!
  2. You may also receive a telephone call from us inviting you to join the study. If you receive a GuLF STUDY
    letter in the mail and a follow-up phone call, please answer the call today!

Who is eligible for the study?

You may be eligible for the study if –

  • You are at least 21 years old
  • You did oil spill clean up work for at least 1 day; or
  • You were not directly involved in oil spill clean-up but you supported the clean-up effort in some way or completed some oil spill worker training