Advisory Groups

Scientific Advisory Board

A GuLF STUDY Scientific Advisory Board has been formed as a subcommittee of the NIEHS Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC). The Board will advise the BSC, the NIEHS Scientific and Institute Directors, and the study team on issues related to study implementation and the evaluation and dissemination of study findings.

Dr. Andrew Liu, a member of the NIEHS BSC, has been appointed to chair this committee. Other board members include scientific experts, community representatives, and Federal agency representatives

Exposure Assessment Working Group

An Exposure Assessment Working Group (EAWG) has been formed to provide advice to the study team on methods for identifying, assessing and measuring potential exposures to oil and dispersants among study participants. The EAWG will also evaluate and identify available sources of exposure data.

Community Advisory Group

A Community Advisory Group has been formed to provide advice on recruitment, study implementation, retention, and outreach efforts. The group consists of leaders from organizations that represent worker and various occupational groups.

The Institute of Medicine

Through funding made possible by a Gift to the NIH, the NIH has arranged to have the Institute of Medicine (IOM) review the initial plans for the study and monitor study progress. The IOM is an independent, non-profit group that works outside the government. This group gives unbiased and authoritative advice to decision-makers and the public. The IOM held its first meeting focused on the GuLF STUDY on September 22, 2010, and will continue to meet for several years to review study progress and findings.