Pollution is one word which we hear every single day. First, it was something we had to be aware, but now it had become so common that we do not even care about it. Human population is an ever-increasing scenario, and there is no stop to it. With the increase in population, the pollution also increased. People started contamination everything, and with the demand for many products, the pollution also increased to a large scale. There are so many different kinds of pollution; we have the air being polluted by various harmful gases which are emitted by vehicles, factories, and various other factors. Then, we have the water pollution where many unwanted oil spills and other dirty fluids and corrosive fluids are mixed with the water bodies and these pollutants contaminate the water bodies causing harm to the things which live in the seas and oceans.


One of the most harmful pollutants in the oceans is oil spills. The oil spills are made out of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon. These oil spills are mostly from the crude oil tankers, offshore platforms, drilling rigs and other wells. The cleanup of these spills can get very tough, and it takes a very long time to clear up these oil spills fully. The intensity of these oil spills affecting the water bodies depends on the kind of oil that was spilled.

The oil pollution can affect us in many ways, both directly and indirectly. When the contaminated water directly comes in contact with our skin and is there is some skin irritating components in the oil which can cause harm to your skin when you come directly in contact with the contaminated water. Many kinds of oils are volatile, and they easily evaporate, and when you breathe you might inhale these harmful gases, and it can affect the health of your body. Another way in which your body gets contaminated is when you happen to drink the water which has oil spills on them.  Some oil spills have a very unpleasant odor, and these strong unpleasant odors can bother you.

These oil spills can affect you indirectly too. There are many fishes and other living creatures which live in the sea and ocean. These fishes would have been contaminated by these oil spills, and when we consume those fishes, we also get affected indirectly.

Oil spills are ever increasing, and though many acts and rules have been enforced, the oil spills do not seem to reduce. These oil spills are constantly affecting us every day, and we live in an unsafe world every day.

With the ever increase in pollution, we must be extra cautious in preventing the oil spills from entering into the ocean. Many living creatures get affected by this, and the entire ecosystem is also affected in the end. Thus, preserving the environment is very important and make sure that you stay safe from this contamination and prevent any such contamination from happening in the future.

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